Our Staff


Sarah Beard - Ring & Ride Administrator

If you call to arrange a Ring & Ride journey, Sarah is one the people you'll speak to.  She is reponsible for matching our volunteer drivers to rides and ensuring the the whole system works smoothly.  As well as recruiting new drivers, Sarah is responsible for running all the back-office adminstration of the service.   Before taking a career break to raise he daughters, Sarah worked for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in its arbitration service.  Subsequently she undertook a number of voluntary roles, both in the UK and the west of Ireland where she lived for a number of years.

Jon Critoph - Community Transport Co-ordinator

Jon is responsible for managing all our mini-bus services, including co-ordinating the school runs and ensuring the community groups we transport receive a great service. Jon also looks after our minibuses and MPV, ensuring they are regularly checked and maintained in top condition.  Originally from Buckinghamshire, Jon worked for many years in sales and marketing in the electonics industry.  In 1997 he made a major career change, setting  up on his own helping small businesses with their marketing and providing complementary therapies.

Tim Barnes - Interim Manager

As manager, Tim is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the day to day operation of the charity.  Top of his list of responsibilities is managing the budget and ensuring Sarah and Jon have all they need to deliver the charities services.   He is also responsible for fund raising.  Originally from the north-east, Tim started his career in shipbuilding, then worked in management consultancy before moving into charity management.